Frquently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Clothes! Whatever you like.

What are the ages of the people at your church?

Most of the people in our church are 20’s and 30’s but we have people represented from every generation. Like a family!

I’m Catholic, will I fit in?

Many of the people in our church are catholic, so yes. Here in the Northeast Catholic is the main Christian denomination so most of us have Catholic in our family line. We love our Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ! Our service in not like a mass exactly, but it has some of the same components like music, message & friends. The difference may be that we may use the bible more in our messages, and have music that relates to our culture today. We agree on the teachings of Jesus and faith in Him alone for salvation.

Are my kids safe in your Kids Camp Children’s Program?

Yes! Every adult who works with our children has had a full background check and our main leaders have had over 20 years experience teaching and working with children. It is a fantastic program for your kids to discover Jesus! It is a life changing program for your children that establishes them into confident individuals who care for others, learn the bible, and grow in their personal faith walk through creative and fun biblical lessons!

What do you believe?

See our What We Believe page. We are all about the Bible!

I see one of your ministers is a woman, is it okay to have women in ministry?

Yes! There are many women in ministry throughout the bible, even pastors like Priscilla and her husband Aquila. To learn more on this topic, read the Pastor Tracy’s theological blog on this topic at

Can I invite my family and friends?

Yes! We are a place where you can feel confident and comfortable inviting your family, friends and neighbors. We don’t do anything weird! You can feel assured knowing that we will do everything we can to help your guests feel welcome and comfortable as well as give them an opportunity to learn more about a personal relationship with Jesus.