Our church is one that emphasizes the life-giving truth of the Bible.

Welcome to an Authentic, Bible Believing Community with a Vintage Vibe!

We are from Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Garwood - all over really. It doesn’t matter if your Catholic, Protestant, or nothing in particular. You will find the perfect spot to take the next steps on your faith journey right here.

If you are a hipster, a senior, a big family, a single, a long time local or new to the neighborhood, we think you will enjoy our relevant messages with multimedia, fun visuals and great friendships! Free Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts Coffee Bar with Teas and desserts and even a Trail Mix Bar for all of our healthy friends are available every week!

Who We Are


We are about Authentic Community

Welcoming and loving people from all walks of life. Whatever your past, whatever your present, you are loved and we are here to “do life” alongside you. Because you are accepted right where you are on your faith journey, there is no need to put on a religious show, we are real people with real needs who really need Jesus and His word, the Bible, to direct our lives.

Garwood Church - Holistic Bible Teaching

We are about Relevant Holistic Bible Teaching

Teaching the whole inspired word of God (the Bible) to apply to our whole lives. We sometimes compare the bible to hard candy. God’s word can be hard to understand and follow, but we believe that when you follow the teachings of Jesus, your life will be sweet.


We are about Organic Growth

Wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcome here. With our Monday women’s bible study, student ministry events and retreats, weekly Wednesday night twenties group, weekly Kids Camp on Sunday mornings, Next Steps newbie class, worship nights, outreaches to the homeless, and more - you will find many ways to organically grow in your faith here with us. Nobody's perfect, but we can keep our eye on following in His footsteps, growing into all He created us for.  


We are about Vintage Christianity

Even though we have young hipster worship (think Mumford and Sons style) and a real movement of young people in our church, we treasure a few traditions of our 120 year history in this community. So you will find sparkling stained glass, warm candles, wooden pews, and even a short hymn from our historic organ to start off our gathering with a vintage Hymn. We just roll like that, honoring our past, loving our grandparents, while simultaneously traveling forward to be relevant to today's generation and the next with deeply moving modern worship led by our twenties group. Reaching all ages and stages. We don’t want anyone to feel left out because of their age: older or younger.


We are about being Glocal

Glocal = Global and Local Leadership to train and release individuals into their full calling. Locally here in the area of helping our community with our Food Closet, Children’s Freecycle Shop, helping the homeless, the local crisis pregnancy center, Keswick rehabilitation home with those with addiction issues and much more. Globally we support missionaries in countries around the world like Wycliffe Bible Translators in East Asia, Refugee and medical works in the Middle East, Ministry leader training in Eastern Bloc countries, and much more! We personally GO to Mexico to build homes for needy families. It’s not just about sending a check, but sending ourselves as well! Get Glocal with us!